Adult Jersey
Short Sleeve jersey only – RF 200
Short Sleeve jersey with shorts – RF 275
Long Sleeve jersey only – RF 240
Long Sleeve jersey with shorts – RF 295
Kids Jersey
Jersey Only (short sleeve or long sleeve) – RF 185
Jersey with Short (short sleeve or long sleeve) – RF 225
Jersey Name:- FREE
Jersey Number:- FREE
Sponsor:- FREE 
Logo:- FREE

Malhi Mv designs
These are the designs Made by our very talented graphic designing team as pre order items. These designs are uploaded to our website , Facebook page and Instagram. These designs can be customized as per customer expectations with free of charges.

Customer designs
Designs customized for teams and clubs for their preference and jerseys made for their own designs. These designs are not availabe for sales to any other customers.

Free of charges if the jerseys are manufactured by Malhi Maldives.

If design only , price can be negotiable.

8 pcs per order

Your order will be ready for pickup in male’ within 12 days after payment